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Since the Aztec Tepationi - who interpreted the disease as the manifestation of the wrath of the gods - and the doctors of the old continent met, a syncretism began to take shape in Latin America. Photo: Stock.

Latin American history is one of miscegenation, syncretism and fantastic mergers. Medicine is one of the most eclectic aspects in the region, which has centuries-old traditions and an internationally recognized academy.

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Jóvenes hispanos sufren mayores niveles de tristeza, que el resto de sus compañeros

 06/27/2018 - 09:17

La profesora de Bryn Mawr, Carolina Hausmann-Stabile, ha identificado dos importantes aspectos en el último estudio sobre comportamientos de riesgo entre los jóvenes del Centro de Control de Enfermedades que nos hablan del riesgo y prevención de suicidio y salud mental entre los estudiantes de secundaria hispanos en los Estados Unidos.


Hispanic youth experience higher levels of sadness, hopelessness, than their peers

 06/22/2018 - 16:20

Bryn Mawr College professor Carolina Hausmann-Stabile highlights two important takeaways from the latest Youth Risk Behavior Study from the Center for Disease Control on suicide risk and prevention and mental health among Hispanic high schoolers in the U.S.